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experts in helping transform organizations through leadership and team development


why  people  work with  us


We Believe...

  • Organizations thrive when employees not only enjoy their work, but enjoy the people with whom they work!

  • In laughter while learning!
  • Growing your leadership, communication, and essential workspace skills will grow your organization.
  • A workplace culture that values learning & the development of its people will see less turnover, greater productivity, and higher employee satisfaction.
  • Everyone - from CEO to Manager to Employee - wants to know more, grow more, and do more.
  • There is no such thing as "too much" training or "too much" personal and professional development.
  • When we invest time, training, interest, and fun in our people, they invest in the company and their work.
  • In bringing higher conscious leadership to the workplace.
  • Everyone is a leader.
  • Performance increases when individuals feel valued and know their leaders support their growth.

We Provide...

  • High energy and interactive presentations, training, and facilitation
  • Customized training and coaching
  • Conscientious and forward-thinking approaches
  • Skills and experience in the development of communication, leadership, team building, and essential workplace skills for leaders and teams, in multiple industries

who we work with


Small to Mid-Size Businesses
& Larger Organizations

We help organizations develop a thriving culture through engaged and high-performing employees and teams.

Our Clients...

  • Create and nurture employee engagement.
  • Navigate change with confidence and reduced frustration.
  • Learn time management and creative problems solving skills.
  • Improve interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Reduce conflict and increase collaboration.
  • Leverage individual strengths while working within in a dynamic team.

Leaders and Emerging Leaders


We work with existing leaders and emerging leaders to learn to identify and overcome blocks to success and greater leadership effectiveness.

Our Clients...

  • Create short- and long-term personal and professional development plans.
  • Close the gap between potential and high performance.
  • Increase confidence, communication, time management, and overall leadership skills
  • Improve energy and leverage strengths.

Development Opportunities

training, workshopS, and Facilitation

Training and Workshops: Whether you are a newly formed team/group or an existing group, needing to improve skills or create new ones, our full and 1/2 day courses provide opportunities to develop leadership, communication, and essential workplace skills that contribute to increased engagement and performance for your leaders and employees.  Jen Andersen takes time to get to know your group and your needs and provides energy, inspiration, practical ideas, new ways of thinking, and a playfulness that is engaging and down-to-earth.  Request our Course Catalog for a full list of training and workshops or click here to view the Catalog.

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation: Facilitators enhance a group’s overall effectiveness.  They believe that groups can and will decide upon goals, make powerful decisions, come up with creative solutions, implement action plans, hold one another accountable, and manage their own behaviors, if they are provided the appropriate guidance, tools, and structure.  All meetings/retreats are unique.  You and your team are the content experts, while we manage the process.  We spend time ensuring that your meeting addresses your needs and empowers the participants. 

Common Meeting Areas:

  • Strategic planning which can include but is not limited to: defining/re-defining an organizations mission, vision, and values; planning for connecting mission and vision to organizational processes; identifying ineffective policies and procedures
  • Team-building
  • Meetings to clarify objectives and create result indicators
  • Priority setting sessions
  • Regular staff meetings
  • Program review sessions
  • Meetings to negotiate team roles and responsibilities
  • Problem-solving or process improvement sessions
  • Focus groups for input on processes or products
  • Meetings to share feedback and make recommendations
  • Change Management
  • Idea generation
  • Decision-making

speaking engagements

With vast experience speaking to groups of 10 to 2,000 people, Jen Andersen works closely with organizers to provide a high-quality experience. Speaking engagements include keynotes, conference breakout sessions, and lunch and learn sessions.  Jennifer Andersen has a wide array of highly interactive and engaging learning and inspirational topics for your organization to choose from, or ask about a customized talk that addresses your organization's specific needs. Request our Course Catalog for a full list of speaking topics or click here to view the Catalog.

1:1 coaching: leadership and performance improvement

Leadership Coaching is a personalized program of one-on-one sessions for leaders and emerging leaders who are seeking to advance their leadership skills and bring out the best in themselves and those they lead.  We explore where you currently are in your leadership development and management skills, as well as leadership mindset, then co-create a plan to develop your leadership vision and skills using skill and mindset development tools, action planning, and accountability. 

Performance Improvement Coaching is an individualized and experiential process that helps develop self-awareness and supports increasing potential and performance. It is a partnership between the client and the coach where both work to bring about sustainable change and increase performance and personal satisfaction in work and life.  This process works when the client is committed to the process, has developmental goals, a desire to make changes, and a willingness to do the work. 

Common Coaching Areas:

  • Developing a more effective leadership style
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Improving inter- and intrapersonal communication
  • Learning time management and priority setting strategies
  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence
  • Navigating transition and manage change
  • Enhancing decision-making skills
  • Dealing with conflict and difficult people
    Click here for the course and coaching catalog to learn more.

Small Group and team coaching

Coaching and masterminding in a small group with individuals who have a common desire to improve a common professional skill, such as leadership or communication, is a powerful way to grow your skills, learn from others, and share and celebrate successes.  Sessions are interactive and involve a combination of training and coaching.  Small group coaching can take place online or in-person and over 6-12 weeks depending on the group and the group goals.

Team Coaching serves intact teams, executive or leadership teams, development teams, teams that are functional and looking to leverage strengths and talent, and those that are experiencing struggle and seek development.  Teams meet together and members can also receive additional 1-1 coaching to work on team development and effectiveness, group dynamics, navigating change, team culture, and more.  

Click here for the course and coaching catalog to learn more.


Assessments help create awareness and a baseline for understanding of self and others.  Jen Andersen Development offers the Myers-Briggs assessment- a proven personality-profiling tool for building understanding in individuals, teams and organizations, thus enabling better performance. It provides feedback on four dimensions of personality that have been proven in over 4,000 research studies. 

We also offer The Energy Leadership™ Index (E.L.I.) - a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables leaders and teams to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership (and self-leadership) capabilities.  The E.L.I.  gives you a baseline for your current energy and performance as well as the current energy levels in your organization.  Individual and 360 assessments are available and it is a great tool to use with teams.

Additional assessments, such as the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode (TKI), Gallup Q12, Five Dysfunctions of a Team Team Assessment, FIRO-B, and customized 360s are available.  Click here for the course and coaching catalog to learn more.



“Jennifer Andersen has been one of our favorite speakers at our Annual Stand Out Conference receiving 5 out of 5 star marks by attendees. She is the only speaker I’ve repeatedly asked to return due to her vast experience in various topics. Her fun personality and ability to deliver practical tips have been invaluable to our attendees. She is incredibly relatable, engages with the audience, and has been on top of every request we had with regards to hosting the conference. I would highly recommend her as a speaker at your next event or conference.”

— Erin Lewis, Founder of The Dream Queen Association

“Jennifer Andersen provides insightful and meaningful counsel to the adversities of leaders in today’s business world. She is adept at posing difficult questions that open up trains of thought that many leaders struggle with on a daily basis. It has been a pleasure working with her, and I look forward to using the techniques she has laid out for clarity and future successes. I highly recommend Jen for one-on-one leadership support sessions and workshops involving visioning, communication, and team building.”

— Chris W., Director of Engineering for a defense contracting company

“Jennifer Andersen’s coaching proved to be invaluable for my business partner and I. Beyond the better understanding of one another’s personalities, Jennifer’s insights on how we could honor and respect our differences when it came to things like decision-making has made us a more productive and happier team all the way around.”

— Jennifer Raybaud, Chief Creative Officer (CCO) at The Serendipitous Soul - Freelance Trainer

Christa's Headshot.jpg

“Jennifer has had a huge impact helping me build my business and grow into a leader that I can be proud of. She has the ability to help you see things from a different perspective and builds your confidence so you can make decisions that help you grow. She has helped me believe in my abilities to not only be successful, but also help others achieve success, too. I have always admired her ability to put together training that are professional, efficient, and help you to achieve your goals. She is smart and sincere in her delivery! ”

— Christa Skura, Entrepreneur and Direct Sales Leader

chris wolf.jpg
“I started coaching with Jennifer in 2016. It has been the best investment in myself that I made. She helped me to transform many areas of my personal and professional life, including aligning my values to my work, and to this day things are amazing. Jennifer has helped bring out the best version of myself and I am truly grateful to her as my coach.”

— Chris Wolf, Restore U Solutions LLC

“Jen helps you break down barriers as to what is holding you back. She helps you to see things from different perspectives and empowers you to choose what you want your life and business to look like. Jen helps you to discover WHO you are and identify how your current life meshes with that, and helps you discover what changes YOU WANT to make. ”

— Nikki Blocker, Run Your Own Race Coaching



Meet Jennifer

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In 20+ years of education, sales, leadership development, training, and coaching, I have learned a few things- some through observation and learning, and others through direct experience.  Leadership and working with teams can be HARD! 

When personalities collide, change is constant, agility is desired, innovation is craved, disruption is both respected and feared, turnover is high, culture is strained, and employee satisfaction is high one day and low the next, it can feel like you are in constant reaction and recovery mode.  While professional and personal development is something you know you want and need, it can feel like a time and money strain.  There are deadlines to meet and clients to make happy.  We should be smart enough to figure this out without training or coaching, right!?

That is how I felt when building my businesses . . . until I finally reached out and got support.  And when working with some of the most successful leaders, high-functioning teams, and productive and engaged organizations, I have found they have a proactive perspective as well.  They have recognized that when investing in their people, learning, self-awareness, teams, and leadership development, their organizations THRIVE. 

I transformed my businesses when I finally invested in coaching, learning, and leadership development, and now I help others to do the same.  I have 20+ years' experience in talent development, education, leadership development, sales, and instructional design and training. After close to 10 years as a high school educator, I ventured into direct sales where I grew and led a multi-million dollar direct sales and leadership team for 11 years. In 2014, I transitioned full-time to coaching and corporate training. 

I specialize in training and coaching programs for small and large organizations, non-profits, and educational teams in the areas of Communication, Team Dynamics, Leadership Skills, and Intra and Interpersonal Development, incorporating my background in Energy Leadership and assessment tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Energy Leadership Index Assessment.  I have provided training, workshops, and/or coaching for NAVAIR, as well as government contracting organizations, and numerous local government agencies and non-profit organizations.

I hold professional coaching certification through iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and am ICF (International Coach Federation) credentialed (PCC).  I am also a Myers- Briggs Master Practitioner and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and am certified as a COR.E Leadership and Transitions Dynamics Specialist.  My degrees are: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English with Secondary Education and Master of Science (MS) in Curriculum and Instruction with Supervision Certification.

I reside in Southern Maryland, and when not supporting leaders and teams, I am spending time with "Team Andersen"- my husband, Adam, and 4 amazing children, Aidan (16), Ryan (15), Karianna (12), and Jayce (7).  




We would love to hear from you!  If interested in training or coaching with Jen Andersen Development, or if you simply have questions about services offered, please reach out to us.